Thursday, 20 October 2011

We had an outing on September 9th we had an outing, coach took us to Westminster Pier, where we caught a boat for Greenwich
Joan took a rest on Lesley's lap
Ken and Eileen Reynolds ait to board
Doris Mills, Janet and Bill enjoy the ride and Lunch
enjoying the trip
Tea at Greenwich before catching the coach home
Summer has come and gone since I last updated this, we had several garden meetings and added an extra one at the end of September as the weather was glorious,we had to sit in the shade. E had tea at Janet and Bill's earlier this summer.
Yvonne, Winn Freda, Joan, Joan and the Wrens enjoy their tea.
Peggy Spry (Granny Honey) and Joan Larkin
Lily Spinks taking a walkround garden