Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Long time, no post.

September 17th our outing, a trip on the Allington Belle, up the river through Maidstone.

Nice bright day, cool wind.took some rugs just in case, not needed. Coached picked us up and we arrived at the river where the boat was waiting, Beverley the girl who runs it was there to meet us and tell the coach where to drop us, walked short way and got on board as we neared Maidstone fish and chips was delivered, followed by tea and cakes.Sun shone river looked lovely, went to East Farleigh, turned round and home, saw a Kingfisher. Coach there to take us all home.

September 3rd, meeting was here in my garden, tried to tidy up a bit, weather OK not wonderful, short on pictures as Ann Wood away at a wedding. We had a good afternoon, lots of chat.Richard was home before the members left, Daphne Widdas fancied a trip home in his Lotus, so he took her, did get a nurse to help get her out of car.