Thursday, 30 June 2011

June 10th,

We had a good afternoon, despite the rain, which meant we could not go to the garden where we supposed to be having tea in, instead we were in the Hall and Alison, who was home from Phnom Phem, Cambodia, where she lives with her partner. She told us about their day to day life in a very different city, the food they eat, the market where they shop, buy your chicken alive, the stall holder does do the necessary, how they get about.Some peoples day was made as she said to be over weight was a good thing in a country where there had been starvation and terrible hunger for many She then went on to talk about their work with abused girls from an orphanage and children. Teaching them Yoga to give confidence and improve their well being,also English and life skills so that they can go on to live rewarding lives. Cambodia is recovering from long years of civil war, the killing fields,and so many awful thing,that left many lives destroyed, but the country is being rebuilt and becoming a stable safe and very beautiful place to live.